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"Identity and Access Management covers allot of territory in the IT World.
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Novell Identity Management Specialist

Directory Services, Inc. has very intimate knowledge of the Novell Identity Management environment dating back to "DirXML".

Novell IDM

Identity and Access Management

What is Identity Management? Why is it Important?

Identity Management is simply technological automation and enforcement of business policies and processes to manage the life cycle of electronic credentials, entitlements authorization and compliance mandates.

The business Problem Addressed

Anyone or anything that must login or "authenticate" has an Identity, and for each Identity, there may be many different "provisions" or Accesses.  This is the simple business problem addressed by Identity Management.

Why Directory Services, Inc. is the right Choice

Implementing an Identity management solution for your business is more than simply applying technology. It is addressing your business processes and work flows, and addressing how your identities flow through the system. 

We approach Identity and Access Management from a business process perspective vs. a pure technology perspective. 

We help specify the technology that is the best fit for an organization based on several factors; current platform, expertise on staff, budget, business objectives, corporate culture etc.

Our constant in the Identity Management process is our methodology, and philosophy to avoid vendor lock, promote flexibility and agility within the identity fabric.

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