GreyTower Identity Management Products

"The GreyTower product family brings many modular deployment options for large and small companies."


Greytower Identity Products
GreyTower Identity Products

The GreyTower Product Family

The GreyTower Identity Management family of products gives companies the critical Identity Management Services such as Identity Lifecycle Management, automated provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts and password automation in a simplified, highly cost effective way.

By leveraging a modular strategy called “Scale-Out IDM”, and deploying the services in the cloud and on premise, we take the complexity out the Identity Management proposition. The result is an IDM strategy that is faster, considerably less expensive, and scalable.

GreyTower Identity Products

GreyTower Identity FoundationGreyTower Foundation

Deliver on premise sclale out identity lifecycle management with the flexibility to connect to cloud services or iON.

GreyTower Cloud Services ModulesGreyTower Cloud Services Module

Identity services are provided to specific cloud applications such as, NetSuite, and others.

GreyTower for Novell IDM

GreyTower for Novell IDM

Use this if you want to extend your existing Novell deployment using a JMS connection or Amazon SQS to any compatible target.

gtcloud iON

GreyTower iON Cloud Identity

GreyTower iON Cloud Identity is essentially our GreyTower identity services modules deployed as iApps on the Mule iON platform.