GreyTower Identity Integration suite

About GreyTower

GreyTower Identity Integration Server is based on a hybrid open source model. Open source for enterprise applications are proving to be accepted by more enterprises, especially for middleware software such as this. By leveraging an open source strategy, we can pass on the savings in software costs considerably lowering the capital expenditure.

Leveraging SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) principles, the Enterprise GreyTower family of products extend identity services into any compatible standards based

GreyTower Under the Hood

Message Queue or ESB (Enterprise Services Bus) such as Oracle ESB, IBM Web Sphere, SUN JavaCaps, Progress, Iona, MuleESB, JbossESB and more.  This opens up endless possibilities in Identity and integration.

We take this a step further by building tactical Identity tools and appliances like GreyTower for Novell IDM, GreyTower Identity Integration Server, and coming soon, purpose based point appliances built to address several business issues.

GreyTower Identity Integration Server

The “GreyTower Identity and Integration Server” has a unique position in the market. It has a low entry point for Identity Lifecycle Management with features not found in solutions costing 10’s of thousands of dollars more.

Deployed as the primary IDM server, GreyTower delivers a robust solution that gives as much or as little functionality needed, or allowed by strict budget cycle. Later as your company matures and as budgets allow, GreyTower can expand and integrate other IDM solution modules from Novell, Sun, Oracle, CA, IBM and others while eliminating significant reoccurring proprietary license costs.
GreyTower Methods
“GreyTower Identity Integration Server” allows new converts to enter into IDM for up to 50% or greater cost savings over other IDM vendors. Users with existing IDM implementations can significantly reduce licensing costs, and add functionality.