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Announcing GreyTower Athena Secure Document Viewer


New Secure web based identity centric secure document viewing brings some peace of mind to business with confidential disclosure requirements.

Tempe, AZ, march 29, 2010:  Directory Services, Inc., the provider of identity centric products and services today announced the release of the “GreyTower Athena: Secure Document viewer”. Businesses with confidentiality issues as in the case of mergers and acquisition full discloser requirements, or joint ventures can use GreyTower Athena to upload sensitive documents, track the usage by identity, and provide forensic invisible watermarking for document protection. Athena is the latest in the company’s suite of identity centric GreyTower products that includes GreyTower Identity Integration Server, GreyTower for Novel IDM, and GreyTower Tisiphone for Email Business Intelligence.

“The need for presenting confidential documents in a secure way is a hot topic in the age of “wiki leaks”, and GreyTower Athena does that easily, and with the benefits of adding identity provisioning and deprovisioning of access rights”, Said Marc Potter, Vice President at Directory Services, Inc. “With Athena, companies with sensitive information and regulatory requirements like biotech firms, companies requiring full discloser as in mergers and acquisitions, will all find GreyTower Athena’s Secure Document viewing an affective and budget friendly alternative to Secure document collaboration suites that are overkill for basic secure presentation and viewing, and Athena has next generation invisible watermarking for forensic tracking of potential screen shot theft. This method is more effective than simple visible watermarking that can be altered in Photoshop”.

About Directory Services, Inc.

Directory Services, Inc., has been providing Security and Identity Management solutions and consulting services since 2001, and has deployed tools and methodologies in enterprises internationally.

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