Greytower API Documentation

Getting Started With Greytower APIs

If you are new to Greytower Identity APIs and you have already received your API Keys, click on the link below to view the Getting Started With Authorization. If you don't already have your API Keys, go here first

1.   Getting Started with GreyTower-Authentication

2.   Audit Reports - Audit report for list of endpoints inside company

3.   Audit Reports for Specified Endpoint

4.   Authorization Token

5.   Authorization with user certificate

6.   Creating endpoints - Batch endpoints creating

7.   Creating Endpoints - Google apps endpoint

8.   Creating Endpoints - LDAP Endpoint

9.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - Batch Endpoints Creating

10.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - Bright Idea Endpoint

11.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - Getting Endpoints in Organization

12.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - LDAP Endpoint

13.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - NetSuite Endpoint

14.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - Salesforce Endpoint

15.   Creating Endpoints for Organization - Yammer Endpoint

16.   Creating Endpoints for Organizations - Google Apps Endpoint

17.   Creating Endpoints for Organizations - JDBC Endpoint

18.   Creating Enpoints - Endpoint

19.   Creating Users

20.   Delete Users

21.   Deleting Endpoints

22.   Deleting Organizations

23.   Listing Users

24.   Organization Management - Update Organization

25.   Organizations Management: Creating Organization

26.   Resources Requests Management - Get Resources Requests

27.   Resources Requests Management - Get User Resources Requests

28.   Resources Requests Management - Update Resources Requests

29.   Update user password

30.   Updating users

31.   Working with Users in Endpoints - Creating Users in Endpoint

32.   Working with Users in Endpoints - Deleting Users

33.   Working with Users in Endpoints - Listing Users in Endpoint

34.   Working with Users in Endpoints - Updating Users in Endpoint